Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Your Pet a Picky Eater?

My chow Satin has got to be the most picky eater I have ever seen. I do not know if this too is common to the breed, or just an individual preference on her part.

For instance, watch this video below of how we have to feed her. She will not eat out of a normal dogs food bowl, as we tried the floor models, and the high rise models. We even tried human dinner plates and bowls. The only thing she will eat her food from is a paper plate! LOL!
Once I forgot and had one of our paper plate holders under her plate and she noticed right away! She kept pawing at it and spilling her food all over until I noticed what she wanted, removed the holder, and then she ate her food.

See as her technique in eating is even picky! She has four special treats we have to hide under her food to get her apatite/pallet going and you will see she picks those out first in her serious stance. But after the appetizers are eaten, she then relaxes to enjoy the rest of her meal.

Now watch and please feel free to leave your comments and even share your stories of your own finicky eaters. I apologise for the background noise, as she requires a fan blowing on her in the summer for her eating enjoyment.

Unfortunately I was unable to video the end final part of her eating, as the fan blows her plate away and she cleans up all the left over pieces on the floor. Sometimes the plate is blown on her face and stays there until she tilts her head just right and it continues on it's way across the room.

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